Water Resistant Watches for Men

For guys looking for a new watch that is water resistant, and looking for a great deal, browse our vast selection of water resistant watches.

You can never be too sure what life is going to throw your way, which is why water resistance is a great feature for the everyday watch wearer. Many people have been led to believe that the terms waterproof and water resistant are interchangeable, this is false.

A watch that is water resistant is able to with stand some contact with water without it ruining the piece. This means that your time piece is a little more durable. If you so happen to get water on it while washing your hands or you accidentally jump in the pool or the shower with it on and take it off after realizing your mistake, your watch will still be safe.

On the other hand, if you’re a triathlete and you’re looking for a watch you can wear for the swim portion of your race, or maybe you enjoy scuba diving and you need a piece that can withstand long term water exposure and depth – you’d be better off looking under the water proof tab of our web page.

This quality in a watch allows the wearer to be a little more care free. It’s perfect for the man who isn’t very used to wearing accessories and may forget what’s on his wrist from time to time. Water resistance leaves you with a sense of security in knowing that some occasional or accidental contact with water when wearing your time piece won’t be harmful.