Watches with Alarms

Having an alarm is usually a highly desirable feature on a watch. 

With so many styles to pick from, choosing a watch for yourself or a gift for somebody else can be a really fun experience, and potentially a little overwhelming. To keep things a little easier for yourself, try pick out a style first. Whether you want the piece to be casual or formal, and what material you would like it to be made out of. Then start thinking about features that would make this watch not only a fashion piece, but functional as well. Choosing a stylish piece that you can actually use makes a watch more than something that you have wrapped around your wrist.

One feature that should be taken into consideration when purchasing your watch is an alarm. It’s easy to forget about tasks or meetings you may have had planned, but you can easily remember by setting your alarm as a reminded. Alarms also work well as timers. Set your alarm to ring after you are done doing 30 minutes of cardio, or set it to be your wake-up call at the end of your 15 minute power nap.

Nearly any sportsman watch will have an alarm on it, but if you are looking for something a little more stylish a popular casual watch for men that has an alarm is a G Shock. These time pieces are considered very fashion forward but also offer this great feature. A G Shock could easy be worn as your every day watch.

Now, if you’re looking for a watch that is more formal with an alarm, you should check out the Seiko Alarm Chronograph. This piece has a stainless and gold told band with a black face. The detail on the dial makes it a pretty substantial watch to look at and it has an alarm whose hands can also indicate the time in other time zones. This would be a great gift for a traveling business man.