Mens Watch Styles: Dressy / Formal

Before you purchase a formal watch, here’s some things to consider before making your purchase. 

As in all things, there are times to be casual and there are times to be more formal. Allow us to give you a few pointers that might help guide you in finding the perfect watch for your formal occasions.

dFirst things first – the watch face. A nice formal watch should have an elegant face. This means avoiding a bunch of dials or different functions such as stop watches, dates or current time. This is because these functions tend be associated with sporting watches. Here is where watches and other fashion items are similar; if the design reflects sporting roots then it is going to be considered more casual. Finding a watch face that demonstrates simplicity is going to be the key.

Another aspect to consider when picking your formal watch is color. For the face of your formal time piece white is going to be better than black. In fact, white is really going to be better than any other color choice you might have because it is the most formal.

A leather band rather than ceramic or metal also has the potential to make a watch more formal. Just as you may have guessed, black leather is always more formal than brown.

Military watches may be becoming pretty popular amongst the trendy watch wearers, but they often lack leather bands and have black faces. Try to save those and any kind of digital watch for a more casual day.

If you are able to keep these few guidelines in mind, finding your formal wear watch should be a piece of cake. We recommend starting your search by following the link below…

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