TAG Heuer Mens Watches

TAG Heuer is one of the top brands for men’s luxury watches.

Tag Heuer is a brand that has been in the time telling industry since 1860 when Edouard Heuer set up his own watch making shop in the Swiss Jura region at the age of 21. They have played a solid role in the history of crafting quality time pieces, for example the patent of the Tag Heuer water-resistant case. This patent from 1895 was one of the first of its kind for pocket watches. The Tag Heuer company is also responsible for the Pulsometer Dial Patent which dates back to 1908 and is a piece that is still used by doctors today. It doesn’t stop there; Tag Heuer has also created watches specifically for pilots, as well as crafting the first of dashboard instruments for automobile and aviation. With such a presence in the history of watch making one can only image the astounding collection of vintage watches and chronograph pieces they have to offer.

Tag Heuers innovation in watch making has granted them plenty of recognition. One such acknowledgement came from the Geneva Watch Making Grand Prix which is the most prestigious event in the Swiss watch industry. This is the ultimate showcase of leading edge design and watch making skill. Tag Heuer has also been recognized by Alta Relojeria and received the Fortune China Design Award, the German Red Dot Design Award, the Popular Science Magazine Award, the IF Product Design Award, and the Wallpaper Design Award.

The point we’re trying to make here? Tag Heuer is a company with history and experience in their craft. This is something that continues to advocate for their name in the watch making industry and makes them a great choice for handling your wrist or pocket watch needs of today.