Watch Bands | Men

For some guys, it’s the look is more about the band than the actual watch face.

Now don’t get us wrong, the face of your watch is very important… but it might be possible that we haven’t placed enough emphasis on the band of your time piece.

The top selling watch bands are made out of leather, metal, rubber or nylon. Clearly with each band being different they all have their pro’s and con’s.

Leather bands are the classic. They are aesthetically appealing and can be worn for everyday use or for formal wear. They are typically pretty comfortable but do have a couple of cons. If you happen to be in extreme heat for a long period of time, your wrist might start to get a little irritated because leather doesn’t breathe very well. Also extended exposure to water can result in some color change or shrinking due to the water pulling oils out of the leather.

Metal watch bands are the most durable and can last over 20 years. The only con’s here are the possibility of scratching if the band is made out of a softer metal such as white or yellow gold and every some low grade titanium. They certainly are eye catchers though.

Nylon watch straps are usually pretty inexpensive, which is a pro. However, they do tend to wear out rather quickly and it’s important that you be careful not to let your nylon watch band snag on anything. Nylon watch bands are also the material that are most commonly used as replacement or interchangeable bands.

Last, but certainly not least are rubber watch bands. This is the most popular of the synthetic watch band materials because it is weather resistant. Most commonly seen in the bands of sport watches, a good quality rubber strap has the potential to outlast a leather strap.

Designers make time pieces with all different types of straps, which should make it easy for you to pick which kind fits your style and comfort needs.