Men’s Leather Watches

With so many top brands carrying mens leather watches, it’s hard to choose! Browse our vast selection of high quality leather watches for guys.

In terms of classic and simple, leather watch bands take the cake. This is how most of the original, first time pieces were made which may be how it came that leather is the most formal of all watch materials. Like with most fashion pieces, brown leather is considered more casual while black leather is going to be more formal. Your strap doesn’t just have to be black or brown though, leather bands can be dipped and died any color. Just as the color of your men’s wrist band may vary, so does the type of leather they can be made out of. You can find ostrich, shark, pearl ray, snake, buffalo, calfskin and plenty other exotics. The leather itself can be smoothed out or grained, which really is just a matter of preference and budget.

Leather men’s watches are smooth on the inside and light, which makes them well known for their being comfortable for those who wear them. Although each leather band is going to have different holes for adjusting size, the bands themselves are available from 12mm to 24 mm in width.

Another aspect of men’s leather watches that make them so valuable is how long they can last. Good leather is a very strong and durable material that can withstand years of wear and tear. Some men’s leather watches are even water resistance. And if you do ever need to have your leather band replaced on your watch, that’s generally a pretty easy task. In fact, giving somebody a fresh new leather band to replace their worn one is a great gift idea.