Luxury Pocket Watches for Men

luxury pocket watch for guysLooking for the classic and sophisticated look a pocket watch gives a guy?

A high end wrist watch is revered among many. They often become collector’s items or symbols of status. However, it’s almost impossible to compare to the class and sophistication of pocket watch to any other luxury watch or other item for that matter.

Pocket watches are a time piece that was made to be carried in one’s pocket, rather than strapped to the wrist. They have been around for thousands of years since their development in the 16th century. Typically each piece will have a chain that allows them to be securely attached to one’s belt loop, lapel or waistcoat.

We feel it’s safe to say that being able to appreciate one of these pieces in today’s day and age says a lot about a man. It tells you that he has an appreciation for history, that he is an admirer of detail and that he has style that is rather classy and refined.

Pocket watches make for great gifts not only because they are such sophisticated pieces, but also because they are so easy to have personalized. Having the perfect pocket watch engraved with a name or date is a great memento to give to somebody on a special occasion such as a wedding, graduation or other milestone. Another great thing about gifting a pocket watch is that they are so timeless; it’s something that can be admired and passed down for years and years within a family.

Have a look at our exceptional pocket watch selection for a way to remember your big day.