Movado Men’s Luxury Watches has the information you need on men’s Movado watches.

Movado is brand that has been and still is held in high regard for their great dial and analog time pieces that have the diversity to suit any type of taste. While it is known that Movado is not the only watch maker that has successfully created a name for themselves in the industry, they certainly are one of the most famous and well known. So much so that the Museum Dial was able to launch this small, relatively unknown company into one of the most popular watch brands in the business.

A symbol of modernism, Movado time pieces are marked by just one dot at the 12.  Every watch that is manufactured by this brand is water resistant, and of course Swiss made. This time piece label is an awesome investment because these they are known for their extremely reliable pieces. Hence, the name Movado even means “always in motion”.

Movado is definitely a brand that is known for stepping outside of the box. Unlike most Swiss watch making companies who tend to stick with the traditional designs, such as round faces and leather, on the other hand this company has been style pioneers. They have constantly experimented with new technologies until they were able to present fresh, alluring products to the public. An example would be the creation of one of the world’s first analog watches in the 1930’s. Movado also created the Tempomatic at the end of the World War II. This time piece was the first automatic winding wristwatch. As we’re sure you can imagine, the Tempomatic became a worldwide hit instantly.