Mens Watch Styles: Fashionable / Trendy

Are you a stylish guy looking for the hottest fashion in mens luxury watches?

For the man who is more fashion conscious and aware of the up and coming, a trendy time piece is the perfect wrist candy.

As far as color goes, silver has always been the classic for men. However, just as the times change (pun unavoidable), so do the styles. Gold and rose gold pieces are becoming increasingly popular in accessories across the board, including watches. Faux tortoise shell is also very popular. All three styles are incredibly classy and rich in appearance.

Not ready to take the all gold or tortoise plunge just yet? Don’t worry, you have options. Another trend that is big in the watch world today is two-tone. Rose gold and silver, silver and gold, rose gold and gold, silver and black – take your pick. This is not only great for people who are trying to step out of their color comfort zones, but it also works well for those who have a wardrobe of varying colors. The two toned aspect of your trendy watch makes it capable of accenting any outfit.

Watch face styles also vary. There is always the very clean look, a face with very little detail to it. This modest design will sometimes have little numbers and dots for number markers, or may very well just be completely blank. On the other hand, in 2012 and 2013 I would say that’s becoming less popular. The richness of the new gold tones encourages more detail, often times with multiple dials within the watch face or even a calendar.

When picking out your trendy watch have fun and try to step out of the box a little. Fashion in today’s day and age is not only more accepting, but encouraging of different.

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