Fossil Watches for Men

Men looking for a new Fossil watch should browse our vast selection, and get additional information before purchasing a Fossil watch.

Fossil is another great brand due to assortment of fashionable time pieces. Their affordability makes them perfect for the man who likes to have an arsenal of watches to pick from when pulling together his outfits. Fossil’s affordability also makes them great gift ideas.

We took the liberty of picking a few of our favorite Fossil time pieces that you might want to consider in making your purchase.

The first Fossil watch that caught our attention was the Chronograph Black Dial Watch. It features a large black dial but also has three sub dials. With a light stainless steel case ad leather strap, this is a piece that has a more modern style.

The more rugged looking Three Hand Brown Dial Watch has a green canvas strap and a stainless steel case. Its large 55mm wide face features big numbers and a three-hand quartz movement.

An exceptionally interesting Fossil piece is the Skeleton Champagne Dial Watch. The “skeleton” in its name comes from the fact that its internal workings are partially exposed. This Fossil watch comes in both silver and black. With a 43mm dial it’s a great piece for a guy who enjoys having something a little more substantial on his wrist.

The sleek Three Hand Gunmetal Dial Watch is another great Fossil watch choice. Rather than the classic round case, this piece features a rectangle face that we feel is quiet refreshing and trendy. The 12-hour marker is a diamond and the stainless bracelet tapers, adding to the already very modern look of this watch.

The last watch from the Fossil collection we’d like to leave you thinking about is the Gunmetal Dial Watch. This piece is great because it has mastered the balance between classic and modern. Its face isn’t square, but it’s not completely round either. It has an appealing shape and a quartz movement.