Mens Analog Watches

For men looking for a luxury analog watch, shop the hottest brands on to get the best deals.

Analog watches for men are great for multiple reasons, the first being that they are extremely easy to read. The second reason analog watches are great is for sporting or other physical activities because many of them contain stop watches as well. They are typically considered a casual form of a time piece, but as anything else they can be dressed up.

A popular men’s analog watch is the U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s US8083 in gun metal and black plastic. This watch not only has a lot to offer as far as looks but in its features as well. With a stainless steel case and black plastic bezel, this analog watch has a band that is made out of rubber links. This is great for comfort as well as durability. This piece not only has the digital analog but also has a dial for a clock that runs along the outside of the face. The red second hand makes timing things much easier and the face of this analog watch also has the ability to light up the digital display lights for easy viewing in any condition

Another very popular analog watch for men is the Casio G Shock. This just might be the most durable and fashionable watch out now. Aside from being a complete symbol of style, this time piece also has great usable features to offer. The first plus to owning a G Shock is that they are water proof. This means not having to worry about taking your watch off whenever you shower or want to jump in the pool. The second aspect of this watch that makes it valuable is the stop watch. For our third favorite feature of the G-Shock we would most definitely have to choose the fact that they can be “shock resistance”, which makes them the perfect man’s man watch. … And did we mention style?