Bulova | Men’s Watches

A Bulova watch is a top pick among stylish guys, both old and young. Shop online for Bulova watches.

Bulova watches began when immigrant Joseph Bulova opened a tiny jewelry store in New York City back in 1875. The popularity of his excellently crafted time pieces allowed the company to expand as well, enabling them to open up manufacturing plants in Switzerland.

The most revered Bulova time piece would have to the Accutron. This is the first electronically controlled watch, which contains a tiny tuning fort instead of levers and springs. The fact that this watch uses fewer pieces means that it is extremely accurate.

Being that Bulova is a brand that has been around for over 130 years, you can only imagine the size of their selection for men and women. They offer styles that are casual or dressy, and although leather and stainless steel bands are popular they also manufacture a lot of Bulova gold watches. These pieces are made of either 14K or 18K gold and often times incorporate diamonds. For example, the Bulova Charmonix Collection.

Another popular Bulova watch collection for men is the Telluride. This is the line for a man who needs a watch that is durable, while still being in style. This is the time piece is rugged and is able to withstand hard day of work or play.

For the business man, the Eagle’s Pilot Accutron is the perfect choice. It certainly makes a bold statement and you’ll never have to worry about missing a meeting.

Caring for your Bulova watch is pretty easy considering they are truly a long lasting product. However, if you do ever have a problem with your time piece, you can have some comfort in knowing that all Bulova watch pieces are interchangeable, regardless of what model it is. This makes for a convenient and quick fix to any misshaps you may encounter with your watch.