How To Give Your Watch A Little TLC

Posted August 7, 2013 by Joe in Uncategorized

Like all things valuable, watches need regular maintenance in order to keep up their appearance and to ensure their sustained functionality. While some watch maintenance steps can be done independently, watch owners should still visit a watch repair shop every so often for professional service.

Taking care of your watch on your own includes cleaning it a few times a week. Be smart and avoid using wet applications like solvent spray or a rag that is dripping wet. Instead, use a dry rag to wipe down any grime that your sticky fingers may have left on the face or the strap.

If you own a waterproof watch, then of course feel free to use water more generously but certainly avoid cleaning leather-strapped watches with water. Water will cause leather to stain and dry out. In fact, leather dries out naturally on its own, this can be avoided with occasional applications of leather conditioner. People who wear watches with metal straps should also be taking care of the straps by scrubbing the metal every so often with a toothbrush and soapy water. Remember to wipe the metal dry afterwards to prevent water marks from appearing.

Watch owners can take preventive measures that may save them from potential expensive repairs. For example, when the watch is not being worn, it should be stored in a case to prevent dust build-up. Dust may seem harmless, but it can be extremely damaging for watches as it often manages to find its way into the smallest crevices of the dial cover.

Watch damage can also be avoided by keeping them away from vibrations. Mechanical watches are sensitive to vibrations coming from things like loud speakers and even lawn mowers. Additionally, magnetic fields can also demagnetize watches so wearing or storing them near electrical units, such as a computer hard drive, is something to consider. It is important to be aware of your surroundings when wearing a nice watch.

Even the most cautious watch wearers may notice dinks or scratches on the face of their beloved watch. Natural wear and tear is just inevitable. Fortunately, good watch repair shops are great at replacing damaged pieces and making the watch look as good as new.

Say you take your watch into a professional repair shop to replace the scratched glass, crystals or whatever appears to be damaged. While you are there, you might as well ask them to conduct a routine maintenance service.

Professionals can do deep cleaning that entails polishing and retiming the movements within the watch. While they are in there, any worn out or defective parts can be fixed or replaced. People who do this for a living are able to evaluate the condition of both the aesthetic and the technical features of a watch. A thorough examination and maintenance service can prolong the appearance and the functionality of a watch for several years.

Watches are complex devices that are made from hundreds of tiny, scientific and technical parts. The better care you take of your watch, the longer it will last.