They’ll Know If You Are Faking

Posted July 17, 2013 by Joe in Bulova

When it comes to fashion and accessories, it is hard to determine what is acceptable with knock offs and what is not.

For instance, is a faux designer bag a major faux pas? How can you tell if a woman is wearing real pearls or some knock off beads?

The truth is – most people cannot afford a $5,000 designer bag that will go out of style the following year. And fake pearls can actually look more hip than the real ones. Buy and wear what makes you happy. If you have a hard time telling the difference between what is fake and what is real, so will other people. Unless of course they are price tag snobs and who wants to hang around with those types of people anyways?

HOWEVER before you get excited and make some inexpensive purchases to satisfy your wardrobe, please be aware that watches are the only accessories that must be the real deal. This is true especially if you are a guy!

Most guys know squat about fashion. So if their girlfriends ask them if their Louis Vuitton looks fake, they really wouldn’t know how to answer that. This does not hold true when it comes to watches though.

You can ask any guy if the Bulova watch on the person standing next to him is real or not and he’ll be able to answer you immediately.

Fake watches can be spotted a mile away. The real gold or metal on an authentic watch is normally replaced with a cheap plastic material on a fake watch. Replicas also make a tedious ticking noise while the real watches are silent.

A good indication of a replica watch is the country it was manufactured in. If the watch is engraved with “Made in China,” then it is certainly a knock off. The majority of authentic brands are made in Europe. Some replica watches are not even engraved, instead the brand and origination is stamped on!

Additionally, cheap, fake watches have shoddy leather bands and funky weight issues.

Needless to say, fake watches are a major mistake in the fashion industry. And if that isn’t enough incentive to get you to purchase the real thing, the law should be. Knock off watches are illegal!

Major city streets are hot beads for knock off watch sellers. Even if you purchase a fake watch from one of these “retailers” you are still going to spend at least one hundred dollars. Knock off watches are not even cheap anymore.

Let’s say you find a good replica and nobody notices that it is a fake. It does not matter because YOU will know that your watch is phony. Each time you look at your wrist, you will be reminded that you are looking at a knock off version when the real version was really only a couple of extra hundred dollars away.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a good watch. Unlike women handbags, watches are not in style one season and out the next. Good and REAL watches come with a lifetime trendiness guarantee.